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The minimum pension for the full retirement period and the point value for calculating the pension, source: Verlag Dashöfer

Pursuant to the latest amendments to the Croatia’s Pension Insurance Act, which came into force on 1st January 2020, the insured person acquires the right to an old-age pension when he reaches 65 years of age and 15 years of the qualifying period. However, this rule will only apply for the next ten years only to the conditions for retirement of men as insured persons (until 1st January 2030 when the conditions for retirement age for women and men will be equalized), considering women in a transitional period from 1st January 2020 until to 31st December 2029, exercise the right to an old-age pension under more favorable conditions, ie with a lower age (but the same with 15 years of qualifying period as men). The author analyzes in the text how much the pension will be received by the insured person who completes the full qualifying period and explains the formula for calculating the pension and its constituent elements.