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Online legal support

Technology advancement and constant monitoring of the dynamic process of information technology development, which we actively use in our daily work, has prompted us to invest in the advancement of the provision of online legal services. Most of our legal services can be offered by remote communication with one of our team members - without the need to physically come to our office. We consider this approach particularly suitable during the coronavirus pandemics, with our guarantee that our online support in no way lessens the quality of our provided legal services.

Contact us on our official e-mail address or call one of our team members to ask for legal assistance by briefly specifying the legal inquiry - we will get back to you promptly to arrange the date and the means of our online communication. In addition to e-mail and telephone conversations, we can also communicate remotely via any online communication platforms you choose.

We are available on the following platforms: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Video / Audio call, etc.